What are you doing on TikTok?

I have always practiced my hand-lettering on a daily basis. After noticing how popular TikTok had become, I decided to dive into it with a simple premise: writing almost anything the comments suggested. Quickly, one of my videos picked up traction and everyone began asking me if they could pay me to have their name written. I realized I could start dedicating real time towards this—and I dove in headfirst. I have some amazing supporters and I'm grateful to everyone who enjoys watching me write beautiful things ❤️

What services do you offer?

I primarily focus on lettering, logos, key art, and album artwork. Have something else you're looking for? Don't hesitate to reach out. I've been known to take odd jobs.

How much do you charge?

I'm just gonna be honest. There is no standard price for my services—mainly because there is no standard project. Factors such as budget, time, scale, and ambition are taken into consideration when calculating a price. As a general rule, the larger your budget then the more of my time is given. This typically means more brainstorming, options, and revisions.
Are you an indie production with a tight budget? Are you a small, local business that is just in need of some good design? Let's make it work—but expect some reasonable tradeoffs. Smaller budgets typically lead to less time brainstorming and exploring different variations. A smaller budget can also mean a slower delivery (depending on my current workload).

How long will you take?

Similar to my pricing, this can be very situational. Generally, it can take around 2-3 weeks to develop the first round of designs. At this point, the artwork will be very close to being finalized—which means I could theoretically turn around a final delivery package in a matter of days if there are only minor revisions required. Obviously, any larger revisions will require more time.
Any projects with a larger scale will require a timeline with a little more depth. For example, a full-branding package or a series of posters will take longer, and will include checkpoints at various stages of the process.