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Take a 3-D tour of me with a hilariously flat face

Gregory Diaz Jr — Greg Diaz Design

I am in love with the challenge of representing an entire idea, experience, concept, message—within a single image. Within a single word. Movie theaters to me are like art museums. San Francisco is an art gallery of graffiti and advertisements. Even streaming music, I can't help but look at the album artwork. I see beautiful design everywhere

My story begins before I was even a thought. My great grandfather was a sign painter, and owned a very successful sign company in Virginia. He passed on this love for lettering to my Grandma, who then passed it on to my Mom, who ultimately passed it along to me. My love for letters truly sprouted when I was introduced to graffiti by my brother and my friends in elementary school. This interest soon matured into a love for calligraphy and typography. After researching and practicing the fundamentals of type for years, I began to develop a general love for design and communication.

I took this intrigue and have pursued a career in graphic design. My experience has led me to work with clients of all shapes and sizes. From freelancing logo designs for local artists and businesses, to working for an award winning mobile marketing company and creating ad campaigns for massive clients.

I also like to spend my time cultivating a deep passion for other mediums such as 3-D artwork and photography—which I have slowly been mixing into my work. Evolution is a part of my life, and it fuels my ambition: creating beautiful things that solve problems.

I currently reside just outside of the Bay Area, California.

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My friend and colleague KDigitals featured me on his podcast. Check it out!

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